Arc for macOS 更新至1.44.1版本

Arc for macOS 更新至1.41.1版本,该版本主要带来跨设备同步功能,推荐更新体验。


  • Less Lag for Large Sidebars: Our latest update significantly reduces lags and improves performance for members with large sidebars — including reducing freezes and stalls, especially while using Little Arc!
  • Deprecating GitHub Previews: Heads up: we’re saying goodbye to GitHub Previews. While we understand this feature was useful to some, GitHub Live Folders provide the same value (and more!) with real-time folder creation and organization for your PRs.
  • 大型侧边栏的延迟更少:我们的最新更新显着减少了延迟并提高了具有大型侧边栏的成员的性能 – 包括减少冻结和停顿,特别是在使用 Little Arc 时!
  • 弃用 GitHub Previews:注意:我们将告别 GitHub Previews。虽然我们知道此功能对某些人有用,但 GitHub Live Folders 为您的 PR 提供实时文件夹创建和组织,提供相同的价值(甚至更多!)。


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