Arc for macOS 更新至1.46.0版本

Arc for macOS 更新至1.46.0版本,该版本主要带来跨设备同步功能,推荐更新体验。


  • Arc Sync, Made Easier:It’s easier than ever to get started with Arc Sync! Just head to Arc > Settings > General to see our updated copy and UX. Also, as a reminder, we’re saying goodbye to legacy iCloud Sync soon. But don’t worry! Arc Sync’s still got your back.
  • Quick Access for Portrait Mode:We heard a great suggestion during our offsite’s member panel, and started working on it right away ! Now, if you want quick access to Portrait Mode, just hold “Option” while clicking the “Capture the full page” button in the Site Control Center (located in the URL bar). Keep that feedback coming!
  • Better Handoffs Between Devices:Transitioning between devices just got even better. Now, if you have a tab open in Arc Search, macOS now will suggest opening that URL in your default web browser on your Mac. Boom.
  • A Huge Thanks to our Early Birds!:Major props to our Early Birds for catching two regressions, and helping us make sure Arc was ready for this release! You rock.
  • Arc 同步,更简单了:使用 Arc 同步比以往任何时候都更简单!只需前往 Arc > 设置 > 通用,就可以看到我们更新后的文案和用户体验。同时,提醒一下,我们很快就要告别传统的 iCloud 同步了。但别担心!Arc 同步仍然在支持你。
  • 人像模式的快速访问:在我们的离线成员小组讨论中,我们收到了一个很棒的建议,并立即开始着手实现!现在,如果你想快速访问人像模式,只需在点击网址栏中的站点控制中心(位于 URL 栏)的“捕获整个页面”按钮时按住“Option”键。
  • 设备间更好的交接:在设备间切换现在变得更好了。现在,如果你在 Arc 搜索中打开了标签页,macOS 现在会建议在你的 Mac 上用默认的网页浏览器打开那个 URL。


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