Arc 浏览器 for Windows 版本 V1.2.0 发布

Arc 浏览器 for Windows 版本 V1.2.0 发布,该版本主要是对此前版本的问题修复,提高稳定性。


  • We’re making updating faster!
    • The update banner in the Sidebar will only show once the update has been downloaded, so this means if you click on the banner the app will terminate and restart immediately!
    • Updating via Arc menu > Check for Updates is now a two click process. The first click will download the update, and then the second click will restart the app.
  • We’ve updated the Pinned Folder icons! Pinned Folder icons will now be drawn in full color instead of just a monochrome outline and and we’ve added an open/close animation.
  • You can now open the Command Bar to show the current URL with Alt+D in addition to Ctrl+L
  • You can now open the Arc menu using Alt+F
  • You can now open the Arc menu when the Sidebar is hidden and no web content is in view
  • We’ve added the ability to remove a tab from your Favorites using Ctrl+T and then typing “unfavorite tab”
  • The top toolbar can now be dynamically resized fixing an issue where toolbar elements (pinned extensions, window controls, URL bar) would overlap at smaller window widths
  • We fixed an issue where the back/forward history drop down would persist after using Ctrl+Tab to quickly switch away and then back to the tab where the history drop down was opened –
  • We fixed an issue that prevented Arc windows from closing using the window controls or Alt+F4
  • We now show a warning dialog if your processor does not meet our minimum requirements. You’ll still be able to use Arc for Windows, but you’ll likely experience issues. Learn more at
  • Various crash fixes and performance improvements


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