Opera 11.61 圣诞版 build 1222 发布

好吧,这次真的是圣诞前的最后一个版本了 ,依照惯例,版本号增加 0.01 代表着更加稳定、更加安全,尽管如此,还是不得不友情提醒大家,此版会覆盖 11.60,请注意备份。





  • CORE-41431 Crash when closing browser after loading large number of tabs simultaneously
  • CORE-42685 IPv6 IP literal URLs “Invalid”
  • CORE-43279 NFL.com crashes with AdMuncher installed
  • CORE-43295 Overwritten document.selectSingleNode not called if invoked by helper function
  • CORE-43126 CAPTCHAs not reloading automatically after site reload (4chan users rejoice!)
  • DSK-353090 [Mac] Can’t click plugins in OSX 10.5
  • DSK-353055 Crash when clicking “Use master password to protect saved passwords” checkbox
  • DSK-346708 Opera crashes on updating mail from version 9.27
  • DSK-350632 Locked attachments disappear from composed mail after a few seconds
  • DSK-351284 New mails are date sorted behind old mails
  • DSK-352093 Opera crashes when closing a tab that has the Star Menu opened
  • DSK-352120 Can’t close bookmark star menu after opening folders
  • DSK-352272 Opera crashes while closing feeds tab while dialog is open
  • DSK-350723 Check/Send (Ctrl+K) does not activate all mail accounts
  • DSK-351787 Bookmark star icon is not refreshed when a page is removed from bookmarks
  • DSK-352151 Font: Titles size should be 24, is 10 on Mac
  • DSK-353025 Wrong reload icon


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