Opera 12.01 RC build 1528发布

就这样 RC 了。大家如果遇到什么比起 12.00 有所倒退的问题,或者其他严重的 bug,请积极向桌面团队反馈,因为一不留神就要正式版了。



  • Localization updates
  • CORE-44428 documentedit ‘justifyfull’ on hidden element crashes
  • CORE-47339 Nested redirected call handling breaks Disqus
  • CORE-45094 Crash on loading svg altglyph testcase / rotate on altGlyph doesn’t work
  • CORE-40939 Crash when spatnaving to designMode iframe inside another iframe
  • CORE-45057 Crash: Incorrect upper bound used when JIT inlining String.fromCharCode()
  • CORE-45547 Redefining special properties using Object.defineProperty() breaks
  • CORE-43111 Calling iframe.documentContent.open() and then ifram.documentContent.getItems() causes a crash
  • CORE-45593 Freeze on gif file due to LzwStringTable circular reference
  • CORE-46780 Corrupt persistent storage file
  • CORE-47414 Secure connection: fatal error (50)
  • DSK-365353 Clicking search suggestion takes you to the wrong page
  • DSK-366279 Adress bar inline auto completion prefers shortest domain
  • DSK-370690 KDE file selector dialog freezes Opera
  • DSK-370710 Sending messages doesn’t increase counter of sent mails
  • DSK-367651 Opera minimizes when clicking the new tab button with a custom skin installed
  • DSK-369308 Mail layout changes on changing UI language
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    等12.50正式! 😕

    渺孤鸿12年前 (2012-07-29)回复
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    😀 应该是12.01正式版了

    大虫子12年前 (2012-07-30)回复
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