Opera 12.00 snapshot 1359 发布

这个新 snapshot 修复了若干和硬件加速相关的 bug,并引入了一个新的特殊页 opera:cpu。这个新功能让你可以知悉各个标签页的 CPU 占用率,找出哪些标签页在偷取你所有的 CPU 资源。

请格外留神更新日志的最后一条:改变了密码管理器存储密码的方式,请留意这方面有否倒退现象!所以记得先备份重要数据尤其是密码文件 wand.dat


  • DSK-358448 部分用户启动 Opera Next 时出现错误提示 Runtime error 6025
  • DSK-359770 独立插件进程瑕疵导致标签页无响应(通常在启动时发生)
  • 对 HTML5 Drag and Drop 的支持尚在开发阶段。向/从 外部程序拖曳尚不能正常运作。一些 demo 网站可能无法进行充分的展示。
  • Mac 上浏览 HTML5test.com 可能会出现假死或其他问题
  • OTW-8246 Windows 平台的 64 位版 Opera 不能正常使用 Google+



  • 包含所有 11.62 完成过的修复
  • 修复若干崩溃
  • 修复若干内存泄漏问题
  • CT-1778 [HWA(Hardware Acceleration)] SVG radial gradients are rendered incorrectly
  • CT-1327 [HWA] SVG mask transparency doesn’t work
  • CT-1287 [HWA] Partially repeating patterns don’t work on canvas
  • CT-1749 [HWA] Clipping text is broken in canvas
  • CT-1760 [HWA] Box-shadow fails with hardware accerlation if blur distance covers entire box
  • CT-1762 [HWA] Some SVG color filters in combination with gradients do not work correctly
  • CT-1772 [HWA] SVG with clipPathUnits=”userSpaceOnUse” is clipped incorrectly
  • CT-1816 [HWA] Background image rendering errors on body background (dilbert.com)
  • CT-1933 [HWA] SVG masking doesn’t work correctly
  • CT-1677 [HWA] Black antialiasing with hardware back end
  • CT-2082 [HWA] Garbage is painted when radial gradient is used as background-image
  • CT-1827 [HWA] Non-repeating background image bleeding when zoom > 100% on Linux/FreeBSD
  • CT-1929 [HWA] Radial gradient animation flickers
  • CT-2004 [HWA] Transformed border-image is clipped incorrectly
  • CT-2092 [HWA] -o-crisp-edges broken
  • CT-2104 [HWA] SVG masking can fail on graphic cards with low multisampling quality
  • CT-2283 [HWA] Plugins with wmode=”opaque” or wmode=”transparent” are not displayed
  • CT-1878 [HWA] SVG polyline with stroke-width=”0.1″ is not displayed
  • CT-1753 [HWA] Blending issues when using gradient stroke in SVG
  • CORE-42033 [HWA] Wrong wrap mode on Webgl textures for OpenGL ES
  • CORE-44337 [HWA] WebGL GLSL function “all()” is not supported
  • CORE-43701 yahoo.com – photo images show partially
  • CORE-44189 SVG drag not started when dragging horizontally
  • CORE-43996 A way to see which tab is making Opera slow or unresponsive opera:cpu
  • CORE-44377 Zoom in/out in image viewer only for left mouse button with no modifier keys
  • CORE-41547 Include “detected language/writing system” in Info panel
  • CORE-44342 Support Uint8ClampedArray
  • CORE-44223 Add support for paged overflow and GCPM floats (column/page-attached floats)
  • CORE-24450 改变了密码管理器存储密码的方式,请留意这方面有否倒退现象!

Via:Opera IM

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