Brave浏览器 1.65.122 版本发布

Brave浏览器 1.65.122 版本发布,该版本基于Chromium 124.0.6367.82最新版,感兴趣的浏览迷可以下载体验。



  • Fixed balance not being automatically reduced after “Swap” confirmation. (#37610)
  • Fixed issue where “Send” and “Swap” token selection screens did not display current token balance. (#37609)


  • Fixed non-responsive rewards CAPTCHA notification. (#37760)


  • Fixed crash when “New Private Window with Tor” was selected without a window open on macOS. (#37649)
  • Fixed crash which could occur when using Brave VPN on macOS in certain cases. (#37535)
  • Fixed crash when a tab is added to a saved tab group in certain cases. (#37160)
  • Fixed issue where a window was unable to be resized from the title bar on Windows. (#37702)
  • Fixed issue where windows would not open or render when using “–ozone-platform-hint=wayland” on Linux. (#37498)
  • Fixed Web Discovery Project infobar layout when resizing a window. (#37758)
  • Fixed partial text being shown on the Web Discovery Project infobar. (#37705)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 124.0.6367.82. (#37814) (Changelog for 124.0.6367.82)



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