Pale Moon 苍月浏览器 33.0.1 正式版发布

苍月浏览器近日发布新版本更新,最新版本号 33.0.1。该版本主要是修复之前版本中的一些小问题,推荐更新。

Pale Moon 苍月浏览器 25.0.2 正式版发布



  • emoved site-specific override for due to breakage.
  • Fixed script timeout values that were inadvertently overridden in branding.
  • Fixed an issue where empty MIME type registrations would break some parts of the UI.
  • (Linux only) Pasting URLs to content now by default does not navigate to that URL.
  • If content-paste-navigation is enabled (via middlemouse.contentLoadURL), navigation is now restricted to pasting to active body type elements (to prevent unwanted navigation when pasting URLs to input boxes, for example).
  • Fixed a problem with JS modules preventing ExportEntries from working.
  • (Linux only) Fixed a build issue when building with a system-supplied cairo library (unsupported).
  • Fixed an issue where workers could lock up the browser with SetInterval with an out-of-bounds (too small) value. This is now clamped to 4ms matching the HTML spec.
  • Fixed a few usability issues with the built-in developer tools.
  • Fixed a potential crash in web workers.
  • Fixed a potential overflow issue in image maps.
  • Fixed a potential security issue with multi-part/mixed content (CVE-2024-1551).


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